The Boxing Cat Brewery is one of the first and the most internationally recognized microbreweries in China. Established in 2008 in Shanghai, we now have over 3 brewpub locations and 1 central factory in Minhang. Over the years we’ve won best American restaurant, best bar, best brewery, best beer selection, best brunch, just about every best you could have! At the heart of it all, we believe in craft beer, honest well-made American comfort food with great friendly service.

So what’s our story?

In 2007, the three amigos, Gary Heyne, Lee Tseng and Kelley Lee decided there was nowhere to go to get that delicious and unique microbrewed beer that was becoming so popular in the United States. Not just that, but there wasn’t anywhere to go that had BOTH good beer and good food. Imagine that! So, since Gary was a brewer, Kelley was a chef, and Lee just like to have a good time, they decided what a great idea it would be to open a microbrewery with not only American craft beer but authentic, delicious comfort food with a Southern twist. Boxing Cat Brewery was born in 2008 with just that in mind.

Since then, we’ve grown, expanding into three locations and moving away from our original Minhang location on Jinfeng Lu. We’ve also opened our sister restaurant Liquid Laundry, which has also done us proud by continuing the tradition of craft beer and award winning cuisine. Today, we not only employ close to 200 people but we value community outreach through working with charities, girl scouts, local schools, sporting organizations and chambers of commerce. We’ve made it our mission to do everything with quality, passion and love. We aim to be your home away from home.

Unfortunately, our partner and brother, Gary Heyne, passed away in 2010. His legend lives on and his wife and daughter Gracie still come to check on us when they’re in town. Gracie usually does her quality checks on our desserts department. Gary’s helm was passed to our current award winning master brewer extraordinaire and partner, Michael J. Jordan (yes, like the basketball player).

MJ hails from the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and is an experienced brewer with many accolades and achievements including prestigious medals in the world’s top craft beer competitions such as the Australian International Beer Awards and the Asia Beer Cup. His “hands on” execution and expert taste buds are evident in every drop stemming forth from our immaculate Brew Houses.

Here at Boxing Cat, we offer beers made from the finest Old World approaches. Nothing but the finest and most expensive malts, hops, single celled liquid yeast cultures, and specially treated and filtered water culminate into classic German Lagers, British Ales, European Favorites, as well as Nouveau American Beer Designs. We brew over 30 varieties of beer over the course of the year, with 8 core brands and China’s largest barrel ageing program with cognac, bourbon, American whisky and red wine barrel in rotation for our specialty brews. Don’t just believe us, check ratebeer.com and see how we take the 7 of the top 10 spots for best beer in China!

So, whether you’re in China for a while, a local looking to learn more about the craft beer revolution, or just plain ole thirsty for some REAL local craft brews, we invite you to come in, sit down and be a part of our Shanghai family.