Collaboration Brews


Yunnan Amber Ale

The first collaboration beer brewed in China between Boxing Cat Brewery and Great Leap Brewing from Beijing. Brewed with three different malts and three different hop varieties to create a simple yet tasty brew comprised of light caramel malt tones and low hop bitterness. The addition of dianhong black tea from Yunnan Province adds a light floral tea finish to the beer. Yunnan Amber is remarkably drinkable and a unique product from two of China’s most innovative craft breweries. Alcohol: 5.2% ABV

Why Great Leap Brewery?
Great Leap Brewery founded in 2010 in Beijing, China is the first of Beijing’s recent craft beer revolution. Great Leap pride themselves on their philosophy of sourcing the majority of their brewing ingredients locally including: 100% locally grown and processed hops, teas, spices, fruits, vegetables, coffees, sugars and honeys. Visitors to Great Leap Brewery can expect at least 12 beers on tap at once and over 40 different beers year round.


Cat Scratched Celt

A collaboration brew with The Celt Experience of Wales. A collection of brewing philosophies between 2 brewmasters and brewed toether in Shanghai during the Fall of 2012. The base beer is a hoppy US West-Coast Amber beer that uses 4 distinct varieties of US hops. The light touch of different caramel malts provides a malt backbone to balance the robust hop flavor. The combination of Citra and Mosaic hops provides aromatic notes of passion fruit and pineapple. Alcohol: 5.8% ABV

Why The Celt Experience?
“Beer fashioned as an artform for exuberance.” Welsh Craft Sommelier Tom and his brewing brothers at The Celt Experience exploit their natural penchant for craft beer to experiment with natures tools. They describe their beers as mystical, Celtic, passionate whilst touching on the history, traditions and magic of Celts.


Sumeria Mokha Ale

A joint project between Sumerian Coffee and Boxing Cat Brewery with the goal of creating a local and unique coffee beer. The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans have blueberry aromas along with chocolate undertones. The base beer is comprised of light malts with a touch of sweetness while using Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. The combination of the two “brews” creates a beer with notes of coffee, caramel, blueberry and light citrus notes. It’s never too early to drink coffee beer!! Alcohol: 5.2% ABV

Why Sumerian?
The name Sumerian is derived from one of the first known civilizations – Sumerians. The use of this name is our way of giving thanks to the people who grow, roast, and make coffee. Sumerian’s core focus is to provide Shanghai with the freshest, high quality coffee possible. Sumerian prides themselves on using mostly Fair Trade beans as they create a direct path, from farmer to buyer – cutting out the middlemen.


Split Decision Stout

A collaboration brew with Harmon Brewing from Washington State in the USA. This beer is a double chocolate chili stout and uses a generous amount of imported dark cocoa nibs. A very small addition of red bird chilies were added to give the beer a subtle chili finish. The primary notes are chocolate richness and coffee although the beer is remarkably drinkable for a double chocolate stout. Alcohol: 7.3% ABV

Why Harmon Brewing Co.?
The Harmon Brewing Co, est. 1997, is located in the heart of downtown Tacoma and the beautiful historic warehouse district. Harmon pride themselves in brewing quality, small batch brews in the famous NW craft-style ; you’ll always find our 5 flagship beers on tap and several seasonal beers as well.


Bruce ChiLee IPA

A collaboration brew with Mikkeller of Denmark. A collection of ideas between 2 brewmasters where the beer was brewed together in Shanghai. The base beer is a US style IPA but uses Chinese Green Chilies to provide some flavor and mild heat in the finish of the beer. The liberal use of Simcoe hops contributes tangerine and pairs nicely with the green chili notes to provide a Kung Fu explosion of flavor! In honor of rugbrød (Danish Rye Bread) we added some rye malt in this beer to provide some dryness and spice complexity. Enjoy this beer or offend the Shaolin Temple! Alcohol: 6.8% ABV

Why Mikkeller?
Mikkeller, established in 2006 is a so-called phantom brewery based in Copenhagen, Denmark with brewing taking place at a number of host breweries around the world. Mikkeller makes beer that aims to challenge the essence of good beer and move people. They do this by using only the best ingredients and working with the most talented and creative minds around the world. Mikkeller collaborates with World No. 2 Restaurant Noma and will open Mikkeller Bar in San Francisco in August 2013 featuring 40 taps of the best beer in the world.

nogne logo

Norse Smackdown Saison

A golden ale originating from the farmhouse breweries of Northwest Belgium. This beer is brewed with our friends from Nøgne ø in Norway. We combined the influence of Norwegian juniper berries and Chinese chrysanthemum tea to create a beer with complex flavors of berries and floral notes. The result is a refreshing beer with subtle spice character along with lemon notes from the Sorachi Ace hops.  Alcohol: 5.3% ABV

Why Nogne?

Norwegian home brewers Gunnar Wiig and Kjetil Jikiun decided to found a new brewery in early 2002. Their urge to share their passion of good beer was unbearable. Their vision was to bring diversity and innovation into commercial brewing of real ale. The result – Nøgne Ø. Nøgne Ø’s subtitle – “The Uncompromising Brewery” is a plain statement of our mission to craft ale of highest quality, personality and individuality. The alchemists realized that they could only create gold from gold – so have we.  Along with Kjetil and Gunnar we have created a truly enjoyable and refreshing spring beer that we hope you’ll enjoy again, again and again.

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Buddha's Bold Gesture IPA

Buddha’s Bold Gesture IPA is the first collaboration brew made in one country and across it’s two systems. Boxing Cat and Young Master have teamed up to make a potent IPA infused with Buddha’s hand citron. It is generously hoped with Warrior, Summit, Saphir and Pacifica hops at every stage of the brewing process for a hop flavor that perfectly complements the refreshing aroma from the citrus infusion.  Alcohol: 7.1% ABV

Why Young Master Ales?

Young Master Ales was born out of a desire to brew distinctive, world-class, extremely fresh beers locally for Hong Kong. With this project, our goal is to revive craft brewing in Hong Kong and bring the local drinking experience up a notch.  Already one of the top breweries in Hong Kong, Young Master Ales is part of a growing number of quality Asian based craft breweries that we love, so we’re extremely happy to have co created this unique beer with them.  They do a list core brews as well as a lot of special brews in and around Hong Kong, so get your hands on one today!


Emperor's Horses Lychee Pilsner

A collaboration between 京A and Boxing Cat Brewery, this crisp pilsner features fruity aromas from New Zealand hops and of lychee fruit additions. Fresh Lychees were the favorite fruit of Yang Guifei, concubine of the Tang Emperor. He would have them brought to her from Guangzhou every week by pony express, one of many extravagant luxuries that eventually led to his dynasty’s decline and Yang Guifei’s execution. A lovely refreshing pilsner beer using innovative ingredients between 2 of China’s funnest brands!  Alcohol: 5.3% ABV

Why Jing A Brewing?

京A Brewing Co. is the brainchild of Kris and Alex, two North American guys and long-term Beijingers with a passion for great beer. One cold Winter day, Kris and Alex decided to brew a hop-forward American IPA to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year. The result, which they named “Hoppy New Year” (what else?!), was surprisingly good, and friends quickly finished off the batch and called for more. The two aspiring brewers realized then that the only thing better than drinking full flavored, hand crafted beer is making it for others. And so began their dream — to brew really tasty, artisanal, small batch ales and lagers in a whole variety of styles, using only the best ingredients and free of adjuncts and preservatives, for beer fans right here in the Jing.  We love their spirit, and we hope you’ll love the beer we created together!