Yongfu Is Backkkkkk!

Daily Promo Details

We’re still buzzing with excitement over the renos at Yongfu and hope you’ve already gotten a chance to check it out. If not though…

We’ve got a bit of a new look! It’s not like, full on maroon anymore. We’ve got some lighter colors to lighten up your mood, some spruced up patio vibes, and some pretty great second and third floor feels, with a good dose of sunlight plus private spaces throughout.

Bigger than all of the vibes though – we went from 6 to 12 taps. That’s a lotta more taps.

Adding double the taps gives us a lot more room to play. From now on, expect to see a lot more on offer at any given time, from our core range to funky seasonals to delectable rarities.

Uppercut IPL ABV 7.2%
Glasgow Kiss Scotch Ale ABV 6.4%
Firecracker Imperial Red ABV 7.5%
Money Shot Cream Ale ABV 6.4%
Breast Wishes Milk Stout ABV 5.8%

Can’t wait to taste them and indulge? Go hit our Yongfu store!!!

One more (big) thing… We extended our Daily Promotion until the end of JULY(yes, July). Come in any day of the week for 25 RMB Beer of the Day and 40 RMB App of the Day. Let’s wear this place in a little.