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The Boxing Cat Brewery is an award winning modern microbrewery & restaurant with multiple locations in Shanghai.  Our first location opened in early 2008 and we’ve since expanded to the city to bring our beer and food to the craving masses of Shanghai. So let us tell you a little bit about our influences and where we come from.

Interstate 10 is a major freeway that starts in Los Angeles, California and continues east through Arizona, New Mexico, the longest intrastate stretch through Texas, sauntering through the bayous and swamps of southern Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and ending in when it concludes it’s journey in Florida at the Atlantic seaboard. This continental stretch of road, we will refer to the I-10 corridor, offers many diverse cuisines that, collectively, are the best found in all of North America, if not the world. The reason being that this immense area has a plethora of indigenous ingredients and cultural influences from Mexico, France, and the Caribbean islands to name a small few; needless to say, spice is KING!

Here at the Boxing Cat Brewery we strive to emulate those I-10 corridor flavors. From the peppy flavors of Southern California and Southwest, to the ramped up smokiness and spice of Texas cuisine, the cayenne and filet swampy notes of Cajun and New Orleans flare offered in Louisiana, and the Southern Comfort Flavors of genuine Home Cookin’ extracted from ‘Bama and the Floridians.

Our articulately designed menu by successful Chef/Partner Kelley Lee was created to take advantage of utilizing fresh local and many personally imported ingredients, to create specialties in house such as curing and brining our own meats and sausages, baking breads and pastries, as well as making own sour cream and buttermilk!

We pride ourselves on bringing these amazing flavors to Shanghai, or Asia for that matter.

On the flip side of the spectacular Southern Cuisine, we offer beers made from the finest Old World approaches. Nothing but the finest and most expensive malts, hops, single celled liquid yeast cultures, and specially treated and filtered water culminate into classic German Lagers, British Ales, European Favorites, as well as Nouveau American Beer Designs.

All beers are brewed onsite by our award winning Master Brewer/Partner Michael Jordan. Michael hails from the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and is an experienced brewer with many accolades and achievements including prestigious medals in the world’s top craft beer competitions such as the Australian International Beer Awards.  His “hands on” execution is evident in every drop stemming forth from our Brew Houses, so that every pint is as good as it gets anywhere!

So come on in to the Cat, sit down, relax, order one of our fine Old World Style Hand Crafted Ales or Lagers, and see what the taste of I-10 Corridor Cuisine are all about in our beautiful city we call Shanghai!